Coron Overview

Coron is best known for world-class WWII-era wreck diving, though the area also offers limestone karst landscapes, crystal-clear freshwater lakes and shallow-water coral reefs. Coron also refers to nearby Coron town, a basic transit hub on neighboring Busuanga Island where the airport and most accommodation is located, as well as daytime boat trips that are the only way to visit the tribally-protected island itself. Many visitors travel onwards to the El Nido region.

Tour Packages

Coron Town Tour

This is a half day tour to explore and learn about Coron town, know their landmarks, people, dialect and its culture. Mt Tapyas view deck gives you a bird’s eyeview of Coron town and bay. Relax in Maquinit hotsping. This tour is your first guide to know the beauty of coron.

850Php / pax

Coron Tour B

Dive in Barracuda Lake , one of the famous diving sites not only in Coron but also the entire country. Like Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake is composed of both salt and fresh water.

1400Php / pax

Calauit Safari Tour

Calauit Safari Park is a game reserve and wildlife sanctuary located in Calauit Island, a 3,700 hectare island in the Calamian Islands chain that lies off the coast of Palawan in the MIMAROPA region of the Philippines.

2600Php / pax

Ultimate Coron Tour

This is your Ultimate Coron Island Experience, a must to any first timer in coron. This Tour is a combination Tour A and B which gives you the best choice on how to spend your dream vacation in Coron.

1600Php / pax

Coron Tour A

See Kayangan Lake, the second largest lake in Coron and is found 75meters above sea level, opposite Coron Bay just 15 minutes ride by motorized banca. A stunning feature is the entrance to the lake, which is a big cover capable of accommodating lots of boats and bancas.

1200Php / pax

Escapade Tour C

If you love long white sand beach this Tour is for you. Malcapuya Island and the rest of the tour is beaches after beaches of powdery white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and vibrant marine life.

1500Php / pax

Reef and Wreck Tour

One of the best snorkeling spots in Coron, this tour features the very rich underwater marine life and the Japanese ship wreck way back WW2 which makes it another must-see for your Coron experience.

1500Php / pax