Payment Method

We have couple of payment options for your convenience and safety

BDO Account

Account Name: Island Life Experience Travel and Tours

Account Number: 005040421347

Bank Wire

Most commonly used offline payment that is sure and safe for every transactions. This method includes going to the nearest Bank and Steps will follow:

Step 1

  • Manually Deposit your down payment or full payment to our BDO Account: 005040421347

Step 2:

  • Email Us or Send us through our facebook account a copy of your deposit slip

Step 3:

  • Enjoy your vacation

BDO Bank Transfer

For BDO subscriber, you can pay us using the BDO mobile app feature that can transfer to any BDO account

Easy Steps

Step 1: Login to your BDO Mobile App
Step 2: Select Send Money on the bottom Menu
Step 3: Select to Any BDO Account
Step 4: Fill up the form and put our account number: 005040421347 and amount to be sent (ex. 3,000) and Press Continue
Step 5: Confirm details and double check information
Step 6: Upon successful transaction please take a screen shot and send it to us for verification of your payment.

GCash Bank Transfer

If you have a GCash account in your mobile, You can use also use it to pay us using it bank transfer feature.

Step 1: Login to your GCash Mobile App account
Step 2: Choose Bank Transfer in your home screen
Step 3: Select BDO on Select Partner Bank
Step 4: Fill up the form with our bank details
Account Name: Island Life Experience
Account No: 005040421347
And in Send Reciept to fields please put our email address [email protected]
Step 5: Check the Details and Confirm
Step 6: Upon Successful Transaction we should receive an email coming from GCash with a corresponding ticket Number to verify please take a screen shot of this and send it to us to verify your payment